Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Birds in prison:J.V.Pawar


Birds in prison

Shouting slogans to condemn or uphold
A blaze of fire marches forth
And forest fires take birth
In oceans which seek to oppose.\what obstacle shall now withhold
Our turning volcanic vein by vein
Digging trenches
Every inch of the terrain?
What fear does imprisonment pose?\life itself was suffering
Conceived as a prison…
Yet it did have some advantage
It was possible to dynamite
The prison at its base.
How many jails, how many barracks…
It’s impossible to count them
The oceans are stormy
impossible to try and bind them!
birds have drunk deep
of winds of equality
oh, do not enslave them!
they’ll soar aloft
bearing your prison along.
Do not underrate them.

Translated by Charudatta Bhagwat

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