Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Winds:Bhujang Meshram

Bhujang Meshram


Each one has a faded horizon
And a restless fluttering eye,
The anchored winds are never unaware
Either of directions or of the sea’s facial conception
Testimonials of culture groomed in darkness
Get cheaper all over
Like citizens of the Milky Way
And shores that murdered members are strengthened
But their eyes contain sea-like
Forest sanctuaries made up of dreams
And the shores remember
Jarring inverted memories of destructive cyclones
Stacks of books grow in volume
And explores like Columbus
…unprivileged forest and the unprivileged sky…
Exhibitions of primitive values pass under the name of art
Paintings weep like the skies
of a rainy day
people pass observing shadows
as the winds, unloosed, seek their way
to the storm that rises eastwards
and so each has a faded horizon
and a restless fluttering eye.

Translated By Charudatta Bhagwat

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