Monday, July 7, 2014

I ‘m Ready for Revolt:Yashwant Manohar

Yashwant Manohar

I ‘m Ready for Revolt

I am burning with a feeling of revolt
And I call out to you.
I will write the poem of revolt on your sword.
Today I have become a storm-come with me!
I reach out to you- give me your hand!
I have become the sun, my friend- sing with me!
I have become the fire, today  I am afire with fire-
Give voice to the volcano within you!
I’m out of my senses, out of control
Make me a limitless sky with words
I will hurl myself into the battle
If I should win ,shout out my victory!
If I should break, bury me deep!
If I come to your door confused, try to understand me!
I return bloodied, hold me to your breast!
If I die out there, take my body in your arms!
Sometimes make me believe I am and will be yours!
Shed a few tears and remember me forever!

Translated by S.K.and Vimal Thorat and Eleanor Zelliot

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