Monday, July 7, 2014

Caste: Waman Nimbalkar

Waman Nimbalkar

When I knew nothing, I knew
My caste was low.
The Patil had kicked my father,
Cursed my mother.
They did not even raise their heads.
But I felt this ‘caste’ in my heart.
When I climbed the steps to school
then too I knew my caste was low.
I used to sit outside, the others inside.
My skin would suddenly shiver with little thorns.
My eyes could not hold back the tears.
Our lips must smile when they cursed.
I don’t understand anything..
I heard this, I learnt that,
I became a man like a man.
Even now I don’t know…
How is caste? Where is it?
It isn’t seen so does it live inside the body?
All the questions float like smoke,
And the wick of thought is sputtering.
But when I knew nothing, then I knew
My caste was low.

Translated by  Graham Smith   

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