Wednesday, July 9, 2014

His House:Uttam Kolgaokar

Uttam Kolgaokar

His House

He was born here, but didn’t belog here;
Didn’t strut about
Dressed in flashy clothes,
Wearing his hair long.
When the people here
Were busy building
Taller and taller houses,
He sat alone in the woods
Beneath a tree
Speaking softly
To the sea in his heart.
When he entered the town
Taking notice of none;
The people eyed him,
Whispered amongst themselves
And laughed like glass cracking.
His house, made of earth,
Looked so puny
Amongst the town buildings!
He went inside
And shut himself up.
Then he saw
That the rear wall of his house
Had vanished
And the whole sky
With its thousand eyes
Had invaded the house.

Translated by Vilas Sarang

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