Tuesday, July 8, 2014

It’s reddening on the horizon:J.V.Pawar


It’s reddening on the horizon

These twisted fists won’t loosen now.
The coming revolution won’t wait for you.
We’ve endured enough, no more endurance now.
Won’t do letting down your blood’s call to arms.
It won’t do:
The seeds of revolution have been sown since long
No use awaiting the explosion now.
The fire-pit is ablaze, its for tomorrow
Even if you take to your heels now
No use; life’s certainty is no more.

How will they snuff the fire within us?
How will they stop minds gone ablaze?
No more reasoning now;
Unreason helps a lot
Once the horizon is red
What’s wrong with keeping the door open?

Translated by P.S.Nerurkar

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