Wednesday, July 9, 2014

The Death-doomed march: Shankar Kharat

Shankar Kharat

The Death-doomed march

People cringe under the heavy burden of misery
Seas of suffering gush out from their hearts
Horrid despair covers them like a winding sheet
Innumerable worms of death wriggle deep down in their hearts.
They have been imprisoned for life in the Andamans!
I see on their weary faces a veil of darkened centuries.
Never have they enjoyed the balmy warmth of the sun
Nor indulged in the arching rainbow of sweet dreams
This cruel tradition deprived them of dignity simply human
And inflicted on them wearisome trudging
O the blood stained path
Tramping with doleful strides
My people walk along the path of doom
And their death-doomed march evokes
A terrible challenge for my feeble arms.

Translated by H.V.Shintre

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