Wednesday, July 9, 2014

You who have Made the Mistake:Baburao Bagul

Baburao Bagul

You who have Made the Mistake

Those who leave for foreign lands,
Embrace other tongue, dress in alien garb
And forget this country
-them I salute.
And those who do not forget,
And don’t change even after being beaten up for centuries
-such hypocrites I ask:
What will you say if someone asked you-
What is untouchability?
Is it eternal like god?
What’s an untouchable like? What does he look like?
Does he look like the very image of leprosy?
Or like the prophet’s enemy?
Does he look like a heretic, a sinner, a profligate, or an atheist?
Tell me,
What will your answer be?
Will you reply without hesitation:
‘Untouchable- that’s me?’
That’s why I say-
You who have made the mistake of being born in this country
must now rectify it: either leave the country,
or make war!

Translated by Vilas Sarang

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